International Group Insurance Products with Full Description:

Complete international risk managment may involved all of the items on the About Us page, not just expatraite employee benefits!

There is no cost to have McKinley International on "retainer" and we share advice with clients every day with no consulting fees.

If you employ expatriates and other international assignees, you never know what may cross your desk and you need a partner that can navigate ANY issue that may come your way.

Your current broker or consultant may lack international experience (99% do), and there is no conflict because we do NO U.S. domestic benefits.

For an in depth review of these international group insurance topics, please review each of the 4 white papers below:

This section to discuss expatriate insurance in China and provides resources to expatriates in China. The second section discussed expatriate insurance for Chinese nationals in the United States.

Expatriate Insurance in China, Resources can be found using the link below.

If you are an employer and need to provide international insurance for expatraites in China or you are an individual seeking quotes for international medical insurance in China (or Life, Long Term Disability, Medical evacuation in China or other benefits) please see the link below or contact us (above.) We specialize in much more than expatriate employee benefits which is just one of eight distinct parts of international risk management.

This section is being constructed and will be completed by November 1, 2009 with additional information on expat insurance china, and other information specific to the expatriate experience in China. However, please click the link below for the page on China and contact us if you have any questions. We are pleased to share what we know without retainers and consulting fees.

** Expatriate Insurance China Page Click Here


What we are building regarding the China Expatriate Experience by October 2011:

  1. What makes being an expat in China different than anywhere else on earth
  2. Resources for expatriates in China
  3. Proper Plan design and insurance for China expats.
  4. Using local insurance providers in China if you are a foreign national in China.
  5. Chinese expatriate insurance for those working outside of China
  6. Insurance information for foreign expatriates working inside China.
  7. China expat medical plans. (Overview of what international medical plans are offered in China and the strenghts and weaknesses of each)
  8. Chinese expatriates working in the United States, what you need to know about insurance.
  9. Expatraite medical insurance China.
  10. What type of medical care is provided to foreigners living in China. Where to go and what to avoid.