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Unfortunately for most expatriates working in Russia, the local hospitals are not this magnificent. In the event of a serious condition, a medivac flight is probably required.

Expatriates in Russia will want to be under an international health insurance program for expats. Unlike Germany, the U.K. or even Japan, Russia is not known for it's global insurance options using local companies. Most in Russia won't be able to tell if the logo above is a Russian insurance company or a hunting and tackle shop. We specialize in expatriate workers compensation insurance and international workers compensation insurance.

This section provides information on expat insurance in russia and insurance for russian expatriates working in other countries.

Expatriate Insurance Russia - Expat Insurance in Russia Overview.

International group insurance in Russia for Expatriates is a bit different from most countries, and more challenging. As many parts of Russia still have international healthcare standards far below what most Westerners would consider adequate, medical evacuation in Russia is a much more important benefit than it is in most parts of Europe. Here we discuss the issues relevant to putting expats in Russia from an insurance and employee benefits perspective.

You have the need for expatriate insurance in Russia for U.S. citizens and Third Country Nationals in Russia.

There are many conditions and illnesses, if they occurred in many parts of Russia, where it would be expected for an expatriate in Russia to need an international medical evacuation out of the country by air.

International SOS, MEDEX, and Europe Assist all perform many air evacuations out of Russia each year. As discussed on other pages in this web site, international medical evacuation insurance is mostly wasted on expatriates in France, Germany, Spain, U.K. etc where easy access to quality medical care means that the need to use international medivac insurance is close to zero because the “nearest appropriate facility” in these Western European countries is almost always ground transportation.

It's important to educate expatriates in Russia, that a flight out of Russia for medical reasons does not mean coming back to the U.S. or the home country, and the medical evacuation carriers will not pay for this. It most likely means a flight to Switzerland for more appropriate treatment, and even a 2 hour medical evacuation by air can cost well over $20,000 USD.

Finally, security is a much larger issue in Russia for Westerners than for almost all of the rest of Europe. Americans are targets or not just break ins and petty theft, but extortion and kidnap and ransom.

About Heathcare in Russia for Local Nationals and Expatriate Healthcare in Russia

The health care system in Russia is comprised of both public and private sectors. The quality of health care has improved recently. However, the level of medical care is not always up to international standards.

In the public sector, patients (local nationals) are assigned to General Practitioners (GPs) on the basis of their address. GPs are supposed to function as gatekeepers to health care system. In reality, patients seek specialized medical care without a referral, and the doctors see them. This is beginning to change, especially in the larger cities, as more GPs are trained in what to look for and when to make a medical referral.

Within the public sector for Russian local nationals, health care is free. However, it is not uncommon to offer the health care practitioner something "under the table" or on the side to facilitate treatment.

Almost all medical care is provided by the public sector. For those who can afford it, there are several medical clinics and small group practices with western doctors. Many of these clinics cater to the expatriate community in Russia.

Private health insurance is essential. Be sure to include medical evacuation coverage, as medical emergencies are often best treated elsewhere.

Voluntary medical insurance can be purchased either individually or as a group and generally provides cover for specialized care, expensive medicines, rehabilitation, post hospital care in Russia, superior hospital accommodations like private room, and dental treatment. Company paid supplemental insurance for groups is becoming more popular in Russia for local nationals.

Prescription medications are not always available, although they are more available than five years ago. It is a good idea to bring a supply of any medications your family takes on a regular basis. Before doing so, check with the Russian Embassy to see if you may bring the specific medication into the country, as some medications may not be imported. .

The following hospitals & clinics have good reputations for expatriates living in Russia:

  • American Medical Centre, Tel.: 095-933-7700
  • Diplomatic Polyclinic, Tel.: 095-221-5992 or 095-236-3116
  • Foreign Visitors Clinic, Tel.: 095-228-7323 or 095-229-0382
  • ZAO International Medical Clinic, Tel.: 095-937-5760
  • SOS Clinic Russia www
St. Petersburg
  • American Medical Centre, Tel.: 812-326-1730

Expatriate Insurance Russia Needs Chart (1 to 10 with 10 being a critical need) Looks at the need for expatriate insurance vs. what can be obtained in the local market or what many not even be needed for an expatriate assignment in Russia.

Expatriate Medical Insurance in Russia a necessity? 10
International Medical Evacuation in Russia (with assistance) 7
Expatriate Life Insurance in Russia 9
Expatriate Disability Insurance in Russia 9
Cross Cultural Training in Russia for U.S. expats 8
International EAP in Russia for U.S. expats in Russia 8
International Workers Compensation Insurance Russia 9
Expatriate Property Insurance in Russia 9
Expatriate Liability Insurance in Russia 9
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Russia 7
Emergency Security Planning / Evacuation Plan 5
Local Admitted Coverage Needed for Expatriates residing in Russia No
Place Russia Nationals under an offshore or U.S. expat plan NEVER**
Russia health insurance works for local nationals of Russia in the United States No
Repatriation of Remains Russia for Expatriates (insurance to return remains) 7

Russian Federation—Article 4.1(2) of Federal Law No. 4015-I of 27 November 1992 on the Organization of Insurance Business in the Russian Federation provides that only insurers and, in most circumstances, reinsurers that are licensed to conduct an insurance business in Russia are permitted to insure any risks located in the Russian Federation. See also Article 6(2) of Federal Law No. 4015-I. In addition, Article 4(5) of the Insurance Law of the Russian Federation also provides that insurance (other than certain reinsurance under certain circumstances) covering legal entities and individuals that are domiciliaries or residents, as the case may be, of the Russian Federation may be only issued by duly licensed insurers.

Under Article 14.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the conduct of an insurance business in the Russian Federation without the necessary licence may expose the insurer to administrative sanctions in the form of monetary fines (up to RUB 50,000) or the “confiscation of the manufactured product, equipment and raw materials.”

Moreover, pursuant to Article 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the individuals involved in the conduct of such unlicensed activity may be subject to criminal sanctions. In addition, the policy may be invalidated by a court upon the claim of the insurer itself, a shareholder of the insurer or the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision;provided, that it is proved that the insured knew or should have known that the insurer was conducting such business without a licence. The effect of such voidance is that the insurer will be ordered to return to the insured any premiums paid in respect of the policy and the insured will be ordered to return to the insurer any claims payments made by the insurer.

On 1 January 2012, a new healthcare law in the Russian Federation took effect mostly affecting local nationals. The federal law “On Fundamentals of Protection of Public Health in the Russian Federation” establishes an individual’s rights to free healthcare and lays out the responsibilities of healthcare providers and hospitals. What part of the law affects expatriates working in Russia is still being determined.

Please contact us for expatriate insurance in Russia for U.S. expatriates or those third country nationals from other countries such as the Philippines, U.K., or Germany.