International Group Insurance Products with Full Description:

Who helps you today to navigate international risk associated with employees WORKING abroad. International workers compensation insurance may be necessary for a company, even if there are only a few business travelers per year!

The cost of foreign workers compensation insurance is too inexpensive, and the risks way too high to not have the right coverage in place>

International workers compensation insurance programs are generally "kitchen sink" plans that provide many other lines of insurance in addition to the on-the-job accident and illness insurance.

They also provide international commercial liability insurance, owned and non-owned auto insurance, and even kidnap and ransom insurance .

When the international workers compensation insurance proposal is received, the section on the foreign work comp risk may be called employers liability insurance. The commercial liability insurance section of international workers compensation insurance policies does not cover E&O risk.

For an in depth review of these international group insurance topics, please review each of the 4 white papers below:

Purchasing blanket foreign workers compensation plans for international workers and travelers does not cost much money, but it can save millions if claims are denied by the U.S. program for foreign exposures. .

If your company is not in mining, oil & gas, security, or heavy construction, a global foreign workers compensation policy is very inexpensive.

Defense Base Act Workers Compensation Insurance

If you are a U.S. government contractor you mostly likely need to purchase a level of foreign workers comp insurance called Defense Based Act Coverage or DBA Insurance.

Defense base act insurance is required for most Department of Defense and Department of State U.S. Government Contracts. Most people don't understand that DBA insurance extends to anyone working on the U.S. Government contract and applies to local nationals in addition to expatriates. One of the biggest questions we get surrounding DBA insurance is the following, does Defense Base Act insurance apply to local nationals?

This section describes the need for international worker's compensation insurance and foreign workers compensation insurance for U.S. government contractors.

International workers compensation insurance Libya is something we are already being asked about.

International workers compensation insurance and Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance for the SMALL EMPLOYER - Small employers with just one or two expatriate employees and / or those sending a few employees abroad to do "an international job" have a particulary difficult time finding the right global workers compensation program. WE SPECIALIZE IN THE NEEDS OF THE SMALL EMPLOYER AND KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO GO.


99% of the time there is no conflict between our firm and your existing U.S. broker. 99% of the time your U.S. broker is happy to be rid of the international risk because they are not international experts. We do NO U.S. insurance and are of no threat to your U.S. broker.

U.S brokers will try to take on international risk in an attempt to please YOU, an important customer. However, they are not experts in this area. 99% will be thrilled that you are working with us when they find out we do NO U.S. COVERAGE.

Thank you. Matt McKinley



About International Workers Compensation Insurance for Expatriates and Global Travelers (Foreign Workers Compensation Insurance and DBA Insurance)

We are asked a lot of questions about how well U.S. based workers compensation plans cover foreign risks for expatriates living or traveling overseas for a short time. The answer is, whether international workers compensation insurance is required depends on the issues discussed below. In MOST cases international workers compensation insurance via a separate plan is absolutely necessary. Hundreds of companies are exposed every year by accident, FALSELY thinking their U.S. work comp. plan covers risks abroad only to find out after a massive claim it does NOT!

If you don't have time to read all of the following on international workers compensation insurance please simply contact us using the tab above. We would be pleased to speak with you with NO consulting fees.

WE CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WITH NO COMMITMENT TO OUR BROKERAGE. We almost NEVER work on a consulting fee basis for international workers compensation insurance so why not just call us. If we don't have a good program here we will point you in the right direction.

Finally, what is needed for an international workers compensation insurance quote is at the bottom of this page.

BACKGROUND: An international workers compensation insurance plan is always recommended for the following reasons.

We don't often lead a discussion with price, but international workers compensation insurance is just too inexpensive not to have for ALL expatriates and for international business travelers. This line of insurance with carriers is more formally called foreign voluntary workers compensation insurance.

For U.S. expatriates and travelers, a foreign voluntary workers compensation plan will take a secondary position behind State mandated workers compensation benefits for the State in which employees came from or were hired from before taking an international assignment.

If you are a U.S. based organization that sends a few employees out of the country on short trips you should check with your U.S. workers compensation insurance carrier to see if work outside of the country is covered. The answer you get for U.S. citizens leaving the country will vary, but U.S. workers compensation insurance DOES NOT automatically provide coverage internationally and a dedicated international workers compensation insurance program may be essential.

Unless you are absolutely sure you have coverage for your travelers and/or expatriates, why not just call us to discuss the situation? A claim that happens overseas that is DECLINED by your home State, State workers compensation program can be CATASTROPHIC TO YOUR ORGANIZATION!

International workers compensation insurance is a necessity 100% of the time for Third Country Nationals, even those enrolled under an expatriate group health insurance plan because almost all of these international employee benefit programs are non-occupational.

A Blanket International Workers Compensation Insurance Scheme (foreign workers comp insurance) is useful for travelers AND expatriates.

Employees may reside in multiple U.S. States, or have come from various States before traveling or working overseas. It can be very hard to predict exactly where the U.S. workers compensation program will cease to provide coverage however, we do have some general rules where it's reasonable for one to assume there is no longer coverage under the U.S. State workers compensation program and international workers compensation insurance is needed.

Defense Based Act Insurance for U.S. Government Contractors with international projects

Those sending employees to work internationally for a U.S. Government contract (ie. a State Department or DOD contact) will need to secure Defense Base Act workers compensation insurance also called DBA work comp. insurance. Basically defense based act insurance is regular international workers compensation insurance "enhanced." It's a higher level of benefits and protections for employees working overseas as part of a U.S. Government contract. Here is the biggest question often asked about DBA insurance.

Is Defense Base Act insurance only for U.S. citizens working abroad? No, DBA has to be extended to third country nationals and even local nationals working on a U.S. government contract.

When is a non DBA international workers compensation program is likely needed. In other words, your U.S. work comp plan will almost NEVER cover the following under their standard program...

In this case it's easier to start from the other side and say who probably has NO coverage under the U.S. workers compensation insurance program. Please note, we have 50 different insurance markets in the U.S. and multiple carriers in each State. We are speaking from experience only. If a certain U.S. plan is now providing international coverage as standard, we are not aware of it. We cannot track all carriers across 50 different insurance markets. A dedicated international workers compensation plan is usually needed for ALL of the following situations.

  • Local nationals working inside their home country (the exception is DBA or defense base act insurance.
  • Third country national employees also called non-U.S. expatriates. A French national working in Sudan will not quality for the U.S. workers comp policy.
  • U.S. expatriates who are residing outside of the United States for 1 to 5 years. Those who have physically moved abroad.
  • A firm that has global travelers out of the country for certain periods of time or if a certain amount of global travel is eclipsed. Please NOTE: MOST U.S. workers compensation insurance is in NO WAY set up to cover work risks globally, outside the U.S.
  • Expatriates in the process of being localized in their assignment country or who have been localized will not qualify for coverage in almost all instances.

Please note, international workers compensation insurance plans are written on an annual basis. If your organization is just sending a few employees overseas for a short period of time, there are international insurance policies that will cover trip travel and NOT have an occupational exclusion. "A poor mans" international work comp insurance program if you will. These policies provide medical and medical evacuation only and will not mimic the statutory requirements of home State work comp law which may be required for full time expatriates leaving the U.S.

McKinley International Risk Management is expert in helping clients protect their foreign on-the-job injury and illness exposures with good international workers compensation insurance.


What information is needed to provide an International Workers Compensation Insurance Quote:

Please note, we would need all of the following in a simple email to reach out to at least one insurance carrier for a quote:

We stress again... ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IS NEEDED. Although there is not a lot here, most clients DO NOT initially return all that we ask for here and quotes are delayed. Simply email us the answers in order. Thank you.

To get an international workers comp quote, and before providing the information requested below please note the following:

- The applicant needs at least 1 full time expatriate OR at least one employee doing a fair degree of travel outside of their home country or outside the United States.

- The applicant needs to be a legal entity like an LLC, INC, or Non-profit. The applicant cannot be an individual, family, or group without a legal entity. We currenlty provide insurance to groups of all sizes, from the Fortune 100 to family owned LLCs!

- The applicant needs an underlying home country or State workers compensation insurance plan in place TODAY or before applying. The international workers comp plans we work with are INTERNATIONAL and provide no U.S. in State, or State to State travel coverage or insurance of any kind..

- Note: submitting information to us using the outline below does not mean we can get you are quote or the carrier will agree to quote. Please call us BEFORE you submit the information below.

- Minimum premium for our preferred carrier is $2,500 a year. This is not a price quote and most clients do not qualify for minimum premium.


  • Exact legal name of the policyholder (EXACT legal name please.. ABCorp Incorporated, LLC.)
  • Address for the Legal entity that will be the policyholder named above. Not the administrative office where the office is located.( The address registered with the Secretary of State in the State of your legal entity.)
  • Phone number and email address for best contact in your organization
  • How many total U.S. employees does your organization have? How many worldwide employees in total?
  • Is the legal entity requesting coverage owned by a parent company. If "yes," list name and country of parent company.
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Who is your U.S. Work Comp carrier TODAY?
  • Any international work comp injuries in the last 3 years? If yes, amount of loss. Describe the details please..
  • Would you be able to get a loss history from existing carrier if requested by the carrier?
  • Are those to be covered your employees or 1099 Contractors?
  • Are any employees to be covered NOT U.S. citizens?
  • Please describe the work your people are doing ABROAD IN TWO OR THREE PARAGRAPHS OF DETAIL if the work is not extremely "white collar." If your people are simply programming on a keyboard only or sitting at a desk for example, one sentence is fine in these situations. ***However, if doing manual work or the supervision of labor, we need 6 to 8 sentences MINIMUM on the work details and the work risks. One sentence or... "Setting up fish tanks in Saudi" IS NOT ADEQUATE !!!! ie.. How big of fish tanks? Cutting glass? Underwater weilding? What size tanks? Employees assembling or overseeing others dong the assemply? etc. WE NEED THE DETAILS OR THE CARRIER WILL NO QUOTE.
  • Have you reached out to other brokers to get a quote for this risk?
  • End of email must say "I authorize McKinley International Risk Management to seek an insurance quote for this international exposure. No authority is granted to or for U.S. domestic coverage."


    • Exact trip dates by country for what is available.
    • A "guess" or projection of future travel dates and countries.
    • Number of travelers in each trip or your best estimate.
    • Are travelers U.S. citizens or other nationalities.. describe.
    • Salary of those traveling and metric to measure salary. Paid by the hour? Paid by trip? By day? If annual, list AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY per year for all employees traveling or total payroll for those traveling.(ie. If you have 3 employees paid 50K per year, total payroll is 150K.)
    • If a trip to a more hazardous country, where are employees staying. Not necessary if trip is to London or Moscow for example.
    • If insurance is requested for one job, are you seeking other international jobs or is this a one and done project?


      ** Additional Information Needed for EXPATRIATES living and working abroad for one year or more:

    • Expatriate name, Date of birth, Host Country, Citizenship Country, and Salary
    • Do you need to provide insurance to any local nationals? (ie. a Mexican in Mexico or Japanese national working in Tokyo)
    • Are all expatriates U.S. citizens?
    • Who is the carrier on the traditional medical insurance side for non-work comp. medical claims?


The broker accepting the quote needs to be licensed in the State of the legal entity looking to obtain coverage and/or quotes.